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Managing your infrastructure, especially your roads, depends on knowing what you have and what you need—particularly when it comes to budgeting. From roadway assessments to predictive modeling, Pavement Authority is your partner for all things pavement. 


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Pavement Modeling

Pavement Authority by WithersRavenel helps you identify and communicate infrastructure needs to inform  stakeholders. Our experts use hard data to help your community make important decisions about pavement conditions and infrastructure.

Through our expertise and experience, we provide you with ample infrastructure solutions to achieve a better quality road network tailored to your community’s operating budget. 

We help you tell the story of your roadways with detailed visualizations, graphs, and maps:

  • Voters: Demonstrate the need for increased funding to provide the road quality they demand.
  • Elected officials: have the data to prioritize and balance infrastructure funding against police, fire, parks, and other municipal needs.
  • Planners: Build better roads for the same budget with new treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term planning options.


See the future. Make informed decisions. Influence stakeholders. Pavement Authority gives you data and insights to future-proof your road network.

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Why Pavement Authority?

Acquiring funding for necessary repairs is often a challenge. However, with the help of our seasoned experts, we provide you with critical data to assist stakeholders in making better-informed decisions. 

  • We use cutting-edge technology to analyze the present condition levels of your roadways,  and forecast future conditions  based on current or alternate funding levels. 
  • We provide data-driven insights. 
    • Need data? Our roadway assessments are the most accurate in the industry.
    • Have your own data? We can use it, in any format from any source.
  • We help develop funding and treatment strategies to get the most out of your current budget levels and keep your roads at the quality-level your citizens demand.
Graph showing road conditions and treatment options.

Asset Lifecycle Modeling

Pavement Authority serves clients across the Southeast with its pavement management services. Through the use  of predictive modeling asset management software, our clients receive a truly optimized solution that saves time and money while improving outcomes.

Pavement Assessment

Need data? We use windshield assessment and AI for accurate, cost-effective data gathering. Have data? We can seamlessly integrate it into our processes. Pavement Authority helps its clients understand the current state of their infrastructure and construct workflows that simplify data input and implementation. Read more about our pavement assessments here.

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Yelm does not have the resources available to adequately rate the condition of its pavement system, nor the ability or expertise to perform a life-cycle analysis. WithersRavenel prepared a concise summary of the City’s street inventory, overall condition of the roadway network, asset value, maintenance needs, and cost summary in an easy to follow format. The Project Manager, Steve Lander, was in continuous communication with the City, providing updates as to when the rating crew would be arriving on site, during the process of obtaining field data, and throughout the report preparation phase. Yelm would recommend WithersRavenel’s services to others. These services were performed exactly as promised, on time, and on budget.
- Patrick T. Hughes, P.E., City Engineer, Yelm, Washington

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Pavement Authority is a service of WithersRavenel. Founded in 1983, WithersRavenel is a multidisciplinary firm that excels at providing environmental, funding and asset management consulting, geomatics, land planning and development, stormwater, transportation, and water and sewer utility services.

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