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Visualize your roadways now and in the future with data-driven insights from a trusted partner.

Asset Lifecycle Modeling

Pavement Treatment and PCI Score Example

Process and Partnerships

We provide data-driven insights utilizing your existing or newly-acquired pavement assessment information, cutting-edge software, and our industry-leading expertise and experience. Our team collaborates with yours to determine funding strategies, explore new treatment and rehabilitation options, and make the most of available funding. 

Our longstanding success is derived from providing software packages and data that are tailored to the needs of your community. We provide the right software package and, if needed, the right data.  Pavement Authority takes the due diligence to understand your municipality’s unique needs and works collaboratively with your teams to secure funding and maximize efficiency. . We pride ourselves in being your long term partner to facilitate better roads, happier stakeholders, and smoother processes.

How We Help

We not only help communities provide tailored infrastructure treatment solutions, we help make it possible for them to get there. Through maps, graphs, and data visualizations, we tell your pavement’s story. 

The reality is that pavement treatment and management isn’t simple. Voters and elected officials may not have the info they need to make informed decisions on what it takes to maintain roads at the quality they expect. We take pride in breaking down complex concepts into simple, visual information. Need voters to approve a sales tax that will provide needed funds for roads? Need city council members to understand the consequences of cutting your budget? We provide the tools to tell your story.

Graph showing road conditions and treatment options.

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The partnership with the City of Kannapolis and WithersRavenel has been extremely beneficial regarding the use of Capital Predictor for long-term system planning. Capital Predictor has been a cost-effective approach to get a true measure of our infrastructure needs and develop our funding strategy over the next several years. I am personally impressed with the ability of WithersRavenel to deliver such a quality product and an affordable price. We are excited to use this program as our planning strategy for the years to come.
- Wilmer Melton, III
Assistant City Manager